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Door-Through-Door companion rides elevate community mobility and enable first mile and last mile connections

Personalized One Click One Call Transit Programs Remove Transportation Barriers

Onward’s flexible approach to mobility integrates simple yet powerful software with local networks of FTA compliant operators and Companion Drivers to create rider-centric transit experiences.

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Efficient & Accessible Paratransit Programs For Every Community

Onward is a rider-centric transportation management tool designed to Paratransit Authorities. We’re on a mission to remove transportation barriers to health, whether your agencies goals are increasing On-Time-Percentages (OTP), Reducing Paratransit Costs, Launching new programs, or Growing ADA/Rider Choice Programs, we are aligned. 
Does your transit program have coverage gaps? Does it offer personalized Door-Through-Door riders support? Is it easy to schedule trips, manage resources, and navigate split payments? Does it work for everyone?

Sounds like we should chat!


The Onward Solution

Bridging Mobility Gaps with Personalized Solutions

Fixed Paratransit Bus Routes are great for some community members just like wheelchair vans are perfect for others. Onward enables flexible, on-demand trips for one or more rider, to help complement traditional modes of transportation. 
The best solution for your community is dynamic.

Technology To Support All Riders 

Onward is an on demand One-Call/One-Click MaaS Solution 

Onward integrates and manages various forms of transportation services into a single, on demand mobility platform. The system hosts Trip Information, a Booking Platform, and Payment functions to make scheduling transportation easy and accessible to everyone. 

Trip Information

Gaining Trip Information is often a rider’s first step in their journey. Onward enables caregivers, riders and operators to confirm and evaluate transportation options based on their support needs. 

Trip Booking

Ordering a ride through Onward is easy, and our concierge team is available to support any questions. Request and confirm rides, determine rider eligibility, configure favorite drivers, notifications and more, all from one simple platform. 

Simultaneously request a ride from multiple partners is with Onward as your one stop shop.

Trip Payment

Paying for trips is easy - Onward integrates across multiple organizations to coordinate shared revenues and costs so that the end rider experience is simple and easy. 
Enables capture of rider payment methods for trip fare collection. Back end reporting on shared revenues and costs available.

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