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Purpose Driven

Become a Companion Driver Today

What is a Companion Driver?

Companion Drivers are purpose-driven individuals who help riders that need a little extra assistance making it to their destination.

Much like a traditional rideshare driver, you'll transport drivers to and from their destination, but as a Companion Driver, we’re slowing down, having conversations, offering a hand into and out of the vehicle, and providing that extra bit of assistance our riders need. 

Say Goodbye to the grind.

As a Companion Driver, you’ll be trained to provide special assistance to riders.

Whether that’s unfolding a wheelchair, helping them check-in for an appointment, or simply exiting the vehicle.


Companions enable Onward’s signature Door-Through-Door℠ service, offering a helping hand and human connection to ensure a safe transition for riders needing extra assistance. 

Predictable Earnings & Prescheduled Rides

Base Rate

Up to


per hour




per mile





Characteristics of a great Companion Driver:

Empathetic  |  Purpose Driven  |  Engaging 

Driver & Vehicle Requirements

Vehicle Readiness

  1. Own a 4 door, elderly-friendly vehicle

  2. Vehicle must be from 2010 or newer, in good condition

  3. Possess a valid driver’s license

  4. Possess valid insurance


  1. Be at least 21 years old

  2. Have 1 year of driving experience

  3. Have a clean driving record

  4. Ability to pass a background check

Hear from our Companion Drivers!

"For me, I think this whole job comes down to being compassionate, gentle and respectful. If you can do that for your riders, you’ll do great and you’ll make a difference for someone."

- Rigo, Companion Driver

"I'm not a taxi driver, this job is so much more. I'm there in those moments when my riders need me. It means something to them and it means something to me."

Jessica - Companion Driver

“I was driving for another ride share service and was burnt out - after switching to Onward, I will never go back to the hustle.  I love connecting with my riders.  It's the best job I have ever had.” - Rusty

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Driver Training

Advanced Safety Training

Properly escort riders in and out of vehicles, up stairs, and facilitate general maneuvering.

Red Flag Identification

Identify early warning signs like slurring or stumbling and proper issue handling.

Supporting Assisted Riders

Learn to fold and maneuver 

walkers & wheelchairs to accommodate riders in need.

Post Appointment Support

Assist riders following medical appointments with grocery pick ups and tuck in services.

Special Patients Handling

Care for patients following routine medical appointments such as Dialysis. 

CPR & First Aid Training*

All drivers carry current CPR and First Aid certifications. We'll help you find a course.

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