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Your Total Healthcare Transportation Solution

All of your transportation, none of the hold time.

Onward connects all of your transportation ordering through one simple tool.

  1. Order any type of healthcare transportation online

  2. Add your preferred transport partners or choose from our vetted partners

  3. Receive trip status alerts when a ride is ready or has safely arrived.

Modernizing Healthcare Transportation

Order, track and manage all healthcare transportation with one simple tool.

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Save Time

90% Reduction in time spent booking patient transportation

Avoid No Shows

76% Reduction in No Shows using rideshare

Reduce Length of Stay

33% Increase in Discharge Before Noon

Decrease Costs

68% Decrease in taxi voucher spend


Schedule, review and coordinate all of your transportation online by date or rider. You can even specify a favorite Companion Driver or leave instructions for the ride.


Real-time trip updates let you know where and when a patient’s transportation starts and finishes.


Gain visibility and clarity with real-time utilization metrics by service line and provider. 

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What’s a Companion Ride?

Companion Rides are a health system ready ride-share alternative for low acuity patients in need of minor physical assistance.

Companion Drivers can provide assistance to patients who are:

  • Going to and from medical appointments

  • Elderly and in need of light assistance

  • Experiencing mild cognitive/mental impairment

  • Using walkers, canes, crutches, or a foldable wheelchair

  • Have vision or hearing impairments

  • Going to or from wound care appointments

  • Recovering from mild sedation/general anesthesia

  • Attending radiation oncology

  • Physical Therapy Rehab patients so long as only light physical assistance is needed

  • Post-surgery and procedural patients who may need assistance


Frequently Asked Questions

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