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Enabling Whole Health with Companion Services

Transportation barriers are the leading driver of missed medical appointments, social isolation, food insecurity and pharmacy access. Support members at home and on the road with Companion Drivers.

Connecting Members with Social Supports and Companion Services Improves

Member Acquisition

Improve member acquisition with enhanced plan benefits

Overall Costs

Avoid ER visits, readmissions and hospitalizations

Health Outcomes

Improve mental, physical and overall well being of your members

Care Adherence

5.8 Million people miss or delay care due to transportation annually

Plan Ratings

Members value transportation and we have 98% 5 Star rating 


Transportation Drives Whole Health

Onward’s Companion Drivers are here to ensure members can safely access their healthcare. Companion Drivers remove transportation barriers, offer a friendly face,
and reduce the complexity of reaching healthcare for members

Members Meet Onward

Onward is introduced to members and onboards eligible participants. We proactively reach out to members, increasing enrollment, awareness, and utilization of the benefit.

Members Stay Healthy

Care management teams can request for Companion Drivers to support care transitions, fall assessments, and other in home evaluations to ensure member wellbeing.

Members are Matched

Onward’s matching technology pairs riders
and drivers together based on cultural competencies like language, gender identity and ethnicity. Riders & Care Teams can specify favorite drivers in their rider profile.

Members Schedule Rides

Enrolled members, can request a ride directly through the Onward app or through health plan care management supports.

Members Receive Notifications 

Members and Care Teams are notified via text message, email, or phone call, and provided details about their upcoming ride, including their Companion Driver’s name.  

Members are Supported

Upon arrival, Companion Drivers will park, exit their vehicle, and go to the door. If a member would like assistance putting on shoes or jackets or needs other light support, the Companion Driver is trained to enter a residence and help members navigate safely into the vehicle. 

A Safety Focus You Can Trust

Drivers are fingerprint background checked, drug tested, vaccinated, and trained to support vulnerable populations.

Onward_Shoot_2-34 (1).jpg

Companion Drivers undergo additional training to:

  • Ensure safe handoffs to care team members

  • Fold and unfold wheelchairs and walkers

  • Support riders entering and exiting vehicles

  • Reduce fall risks and navigate trip hazards

  • Create culturally competent member experiences

Designing Superior Member Experiences

4.8/5 Star Ratings

“Marysol was amazing! 10 Stars!!

She went above and beyond to help me attend a last minute surgery. She was very caring and has a lovely personality. 

My appointment went long, and she adjusted seamlessly. Her car is also super clean and comfortable.”


Ami S.
- Rider


 Go Ahead, Play Favorites

Add favorite drivers to your member profiles!

Robust rider profiles help our matching algorithm pair riders with Companion Drivers based on cultural competencies like language, gender identity and ethnicity...

And of course just plain favorites too!

Are you an innovative health plan?

Improve health outcomes, help members follow care plans, enhance member experience. Move Forward, with Onward

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