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Simplified transportation
management for healthcare companies

Companion driver from Onward assisting a patient as they leave a medical facility, showcasing Onward's commitment to providing Door-Through-Door℠ Assisted Rideshare Solutions for a seamless healthcare transportation experience.

Our Impact


Reduction in Clinic
No Shows


increase in discharges before noon for patients leaving via NEMT


Reduction in Transportation Coordination Time

Joyful companion driver and patient en route to a medical appointment, exemplifying Onward's dedication to elevating the patient & member experience through their Companion Rides service.

Elevating the patient & member experience with Companion Rides

Companion Rides are Onward's Door-Through-Door℠ Assisted Rideshare Solution


Some of Our Partners


Who We Serve

Hospitals & Health Systems

Rightsizing transportation to elevate patient throughput

Transit Agencies

On-demand transportation solutions for transit agencies

PACE Programs

Augment transportation programs to better support participants

Senior Living Communities

Increase transportation acceptance rates and reduce coordination time

VA Healthcare

1:1 Consistent driver matching addresses transportation and social isolation

Health Plans

Enabling Whole Health with Companion Services

Order, track and manage all healthcare transportation with one simple tool.

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Consolidated Ordering

Order any type of healthcare transportation online from one place

Preferred Vendors

Add your preferred transport partners or choose from our vetted partners

Peace of Mind

Receive trip status alerts when a ride is ready or has safely arrived

An ambulance speeding towards its destination, highlighting the urgency and importance of timely healthcare transportation, a sector Onward aims to optimize and streamline.

Coordinate the most appropriate level of transportation base on your patient’s condition

Save Money

Learn how rightsizing patient transportation can reduce over reliance on higher levels of transport and save money

A cheerful companion driver and rider sharing a moment of camaraderie as they head to a medical appointment, underscoring Onward's mission to enhance the patient journey with their Door-Through-Door℠ Assisted Rideshare Solutions.
A dedicated concierge team member from Onward, beaming with satisfaction as they efficiently address and resolve transportation challenges, reflecting Onward's commitment to impeccable service and customer satisfaction.

Save Time

Coordinate door-through-door transportation in less than two minutes

UCSF Health decreased transportation ordering time from 40 minutes to 88 seconds. What could your team do with all of that time?

An enthusiastic Onward concierge team member actively troubleshooting and resolving issues, embodying the company's dedication to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transportation experience for all its users.

Integrate your EHR to seamless communicate across departments

Improve discharge before noon and throughput goals by integrating transportation planning early.

Collaborate Efficiently

Close-up of hands skillfully adjusting rider preferences within the Onward app, demonstrating the platform's user-friendly interface and its adaptability to cater to individual patient needs for a tailored transportation experience.

Stay Informed

Keep Teams, Patients and Caregivers informed with real time ride notifications.

Know when rides have arrived, or where a patient is along their journey

Simplify your healthcare transportation management with Onward

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