Safety will always be
our top priority
Safety at every step of the journey

From comprehensive vetting, to thorough elderly-specific training to emergency preparedness. If we didn't feel comfortable letting our family ride with Onward, we wouldn't let you and your family either.

Before the trip
Before we allow anyone to get in a car with an Onward driver a lot has happened.
Background check
Clean DMV record
Phone and In Person Driver Interviews
19 Point Vehicle Inspection
CPR / First Aid certification
During the trip
During the trip Onward drivers have been trained to handle anything that might arise.
Training on Dementia
Training on handling of wheelchairs and walkers
Emergency situation training
Onward team on call 24/7
Live track the progress of a ride via our mobile app
Zero tolerance for drug, alcohol or improper driving
Behind the scenes
Onward is constantly working to make every subsequent ride safer.
Onward drivers submit reports to better inform future drivers on how to make each rider as safe and comfortable as possible. Drivers have access to all previous reports for riders, so that this new drivers start well informed.
Onward will check-in with customers after they've matched with a new driver to make sure everything went smoothly. If a customer is unhappy with a driver for any reason, we'll match them with a new driver next time.
Onward's support team is available at all hours to support any situation that arises on a ride
The Onward team is continually investing in taking our training materials to the next level
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