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Onward is now part of Royal Ambulance

Updated: Jan 9

We are excited to announce an acqui

sition of Onward Rides, a technology-enabled transportation company focused on providing transportation for riders needing a companion or assistance.

For the last 5+ years, RoyalCare has been effectively managing transportation eco-systems for healthcare providers in the Bay Area. As a part of our Hub Services Solution, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a diverse network of non-emergency medical transportation providers, including Onward. These partner providers have helped our customers and their patients transition between care settings, get to and from their appointments, and access essential medical supplies.

By fully integrating Onward Rides and their technology solutions into our the RoyalCare portfolio, we can advance towards our goal of becoming a Total Healthcare Transportation Solution. This acquisition accelerates our efforts to deliver on our mission of serving patients, customers, and team members by granting our team the technology platform and driver fleet to make rapid forward progress.

We are excited to fill the gap between taxi/ride-shares services and our traditional services like Gurney and Wheelchair transport. With this new level of Companion Transportation, we can provide the right level of service, to the right patient population, at the right cost creating a win-win situation for everyone.

To our patients: You can expect the same high level of patient experience, safety, and peace of mind that you know from Royal.

To our healthcare partners: We look forward to sharing a simple and effective transportation management solution that creates seamless transportation workflows that exceed your expectations.

For our team members: This is an opportunity to make a positive impact and be in the driver’s seat as we transform the future of healthcare transportation together.

For Royal: We are now one step closer to creating a Total Healthcare Transportation Solution and can now deliver the heightened quality of patient care and experience that everyone deserves.

Please welcome Onward Rides to the Royal Family!

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