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The Superiority of Door-to-Door Transportation

The Superiority of Door-to-Door Transportation

Published on:

January 12, 2022

Update On:

January 12, 2022

Clyde Jefferson

The rise of Uber and Lyft over the past 10 years has been astounding. Uber itself has over 3 million drivers on its platform worldwide. It’s emerged as a very convenient service for consumers.

It doesn’t, however, satisfy the needs of everyone. At Onward, we’ve seen that our family and friends aren’t always able to use Uber and Lyft. Their drivers specialize in “curb to curb” transportation where they get paid by the number of rides they do. For those who require extra time and care, this model falls short. We set out to create an alternative that excels at providing compassionate service. This type of service is often referred to as “door-to-door” transportation as our drivers get out of the car and help each passenger to their door, or even into their home if they request it.

Debbie is a senior in Lafayette. She and her husband have lived around the world as his job as an Air Force pilot moved them from base to base. Debbie is still mobile but has a walker and doesn’t move as well as she used to. She usually relies on her daughter, Bridget, to take her to her appointments. However, when Bridget scheduled a 3-week vacation to Turkey they started looking for other options. They needed a service that would take the walker, fold it up and put it in the back of the car, that would help Debbie with the kiosks at the doctor’s office, and finally, that would bring Debbie home after her appointment. A door-to-door service provides these and, with Onward, it also notifies Bridget whenever Debbie is picked up and dropped off. For Debbie, door-to-door is truly superior, saying, “Onward was a godsend. I no longer have to rely on my daughter taking time off to drive me.”

Smartphones are everywhere these days and more products are available “on-demand.” But these innovations don’t serve the needs of everyone. Behind the scenes, Onward uses a sophisticated technology platform to make sure drivers know where they’re going and that they get there on time, but we ensure that our customers don’t need to use any technology at all. To utilize our service, all you need to do is pick up a phone and call us, and there will be a human on the other line.

At Onward, we’ve had the honor of serving hundreds of older adults and patients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and San Gabriel Valley. We’ve partnered with the American Cancer Society and the Institute of Aging. We’ve seen how much of a difference a helping hand can make.

If you are comfortable summoning cars on your smartphone and don’t require any extra assistance, Uber and Lyft can be great services. However, if you’d like for a driver to greet you with a smile and give you a little extra attention, Onward and its door-to-door service is often a better alternative.

If you’re interested in learning more, Onward’s number is 1 (800) 700-4797 or you can email

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