Safe Medical Transportation with Trained Drivers

Our drivers will pick you up and get you home safely. They can even be there in the waiting room to sign you out!

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The Onward Medical Transportation Experience

We've thought through every step of medical transportation to make sure you get there and back safely and reliably.

Best Drivers Around

All of our drivers are highly vetted and highly trained. They must pass a rigorous application process, their car must be thoroughly inspected and they must know CPR and First Aid. Beyond that they are all trained on how to transfer someone in and out of a wheelchair. Most importantly Onward drivers are screened for a true desire to help.

Door-to-Door Service

While other services will pick you up at the curb, Onward will meet you at your door, accompany you to your destination, wait for you and escort you back into your home.

Signing You Out

Many facilities require an adult to sign you out after you’ve had a procedure. Our drivers can come into the facility, sign you out, and offer you walk you to the car. They will assist you getting in and out of the car and make sure you get you to your destination safely.

COVID Safety

Safety is our top priority, so our drivers have increased safety requirements to prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep you healthy.

Round Trip Service

Appointments can take a while, but Onward's drivers will wait for you, so that you don't have to book multiple rides or interact with different drivers.

Flexible Reservations

Whether you're booking a ride for tomorrow, next month, or for every Tuesday and Thursday, Onward is there for you. Reservations can be made via our mobile app, website or by telephone.

“Onward solved my need for how to get home after an out patient procedure. They provide that next level of service that the hospitals require. The driver will come into the building to tell the hospital staff they are there to pick you up and meet you back at the exit with the car when they wheel you out. Exactly what both the hospital staff and I needed to ensure I got home safely. I will use again and would recommend to friends.”

-Jim R

How to Book a Ride

Step One
Schedule transportation that meets your needs.
Schedule a ride through our app, the website or by calling us. Include any specific requests like help unpacking the groceries, or how to get to the front door. We'll let you request your favorite driver and give you an estimate of the ride cost.
Step Two
Your driver will pick you up, and be there to assist you throughout your trip.
Your driver will meet you at your front door, help you into the vehicle, take you wherever you want, assist you along the way, and if you'd like, wait for you and bring you back home. Door-to-door, white glove service.
Step Three
Schedule your next trip.
Payment is conveniently deducted from your credit card. Using our mobile app, the website or phone you can schedule your next trip and get the same driver if you'd like.