How to Leave Tips and Feedback

How to Leave Tips and Feedback

Published On: September 1, 2020|Nader Akhnoukh

Onward’s mission is to provide compassionate assistance to those who need it. Getting feedback from our customers on how their rides went is one of the best ways we can improve our service and customize their future rides.

Driver Tips

The primary differentiator between Onward and other transportation services is our drivers. Onward handpicks drivers who are aligned with our mission of providing compassionate assistance, and many customers build strong relationships with Onward drivers.

Leaving a tip for your driver is one way to show your appreciation for them. Because many of our customers are in a vulnerable place, either through Alzheimers, sedation, or simply advanced age, Onward has a strict “No Cash” rule around tips.

Cash can lead to misunderstandings, where the customer thinks they left a tip of one amount, when they actually left another. Similarly, Onward has no record of the tip, so cannot help sort out any discrepancies.

For these reasons, if you try and leave a cash tip during your ride, your driver will refuse it!

Leaving a tip for your driver, however, is quite easy. If you’ve used the Onward App to book your ride you can leave the tip directly in the app.

Watch a video on how to leave a tip!

You can also simply reply to the thank you email you received after the ride completion. Finally, as always, you can simply call the Onward Concierge at 1-800-700-4797.

Onward Feedback

Similarly if you have feedback about how your ride went, or some feedback on your driver, you can reach out to Onward using the same channels mentioned above. We welcome both positive feedback and ways we can improve!

Please note that while drivers will be made aware of any ride tip, they will NOT see any of the feedback you leave. It is important to Onward to be able to receive candid feedback about our drivers and service!

We know our customers are busy, but we always appreciate it as it helps build a better service for the entire Onward community.