Finding a ride home after a doctor’s appointment

Finding a ride home after a doctor’s appointment

Published On: October 1, 2020|Updated On: October 7, 2020|Jeana Hollis

Many times, a doctor’s appointment is a routine checkup. Patients can drive themselves or take public transportation to and from the appointment. However, there are times when patients need to have a procedure that requires sedation or specific medication that makes it unsafe for them to commute home themselves. In those cases, medical facilities, like endoscopy and surgery centers, will not allow patients to drive themselves home. Medical facilities that perform these procedures require that the patients are signed out by an adult that can ensure their safe return home.

Many patients will ask friends or family members to drive them after the appointment. But what if no one is available at the time of the appointment? Skipping or postponing procedures can pose dangerous risks to patients, so if friends or family aren’t available to help, they need to find another option that is approved by the medical facility.

Because the patient is vulnerable, there are often even specific rules that Uber, Lyft and taxi drivers are not permitted to take patients home. If a patient can’t get an acceptable ride home, they have to either sign a waiver of discharge against medical advice or be admitted to spend the night until it will be safe for them to drive — both scenarios are not ideal for either the patient or the hospital.

Onward can sign patients out

Luckily, Onward drivers are approved to come into facilities, sign patients out, and get them safely home.

“Onward solved my need for how to get home after an outpatient procedure. They provide that next level of service that the hospitals require. The driver will come into the building to tell the hospital staff they are there to pick you up and meet you back at the exit with the car when they wheel you out. Exactly what both the hospital staff and I needed to ensure I got home safely. I will use again and would recommend to friends.” - Jim Rudnicki

Not only can our drivers sign out patients, but Onward drivers are trained in First Aid and CPR. Most importantly, they get extensive background checks and are vetted for their level of compassion and care. These qualities are extremely important when assisting patients who are vulnerable.

Onward helps medical staff

Because Onward is a door-through-door assisted transportation company, our drivers will go into facilities to pick up patients and make sure they get safely inside their homes.

Even if a patient doesn’t need to be signed out of an appointment, using Onward over Uber or Lyft still has its benefits. Drivers picking patients up inside facilities is a huge benefit for patients, but it also is for medical staff who are busy managing patients. It means that the medical staff now does not have to:

  • Leave the office to take patients outside for their ride
  • Search the parking lot for the rideshare car
  • Reschedule another ride if the car never arrived or left after the 5-minutes wait time

Staff can also have peace of mind that the rider gets home safely with Onward!

There are many different types of medical appointments, and the transportation needed for patients can vary quite a bit. For those who need extra assistance or for those who worry about safety and reliability, consider booking with Onward! Just call us at 1-800-700-4797 to schedule.