Onward’s Ride Service vs. Uber & Lyft

Onward’s Ride Service vs. Uber & Lyft

Published On: April 28, 2020|Updated On: August 10, 2020|Nader Akhnoukh

Uber and Lyft revolutionized the transportation industry as they grew in popularity over the past decade. People are getting around faster and more conveniently than ever before. They have even spearheaded the “gig economy,” giving drivers many more options for part-time employment. There are also services that sit on top of Uber that allow you to order a ride without having a smartphone, like we’ve written about previously.

Uber and Lyft can be a great option for some, but if you or your loved one needs or desires compassionate assistance, Onward is a better choice. Specializing in rideshare for seniors or those who need extra assistance, our drivers can wait with you and provide roundtrip service. Also, they can come to your door and help you get inside your location, and they can even sign you out of a medical procedure when picking you up.

Assistance at Every Stop, Even at Your Home

Grocery Store Assistance Uber and Lyft will pick you up at the curb near your home, but what if you need an arm for assistance to get from your door into the vehicle? Do you use a wheelchair? Onward drivers are trained in breaking down wheelchairs, will patiently assist you in any way you need, and most importantly love helping others. They’re also certified in First Aid and CPR, so you know that you’re in great care when you have an Onward Ride.

Need help carrying your groceries into the house after a trip to the store? Or carrying your pet into the vet? Onward is a great ride option for seniors since the drivers will go above and beyond -- assisting you at every stop of your trip.

Roundtrip or Multiple Stops

Uber drivers get paid more by squeezing in as many rides as they can into their day. Onward is different. We pay our drivers by the hour, so they will never rush you. If you want to make multiple stops, we are happy to support you, and you can take as long as you need at each stop. An Onward ride might be to the post office, then to lunch with a friend, then back home -- with the driver escorting you to your door. This is a level of support that can’t be guaranteed with Uber or Lyft.

Medical Appointments

Doctor's Office Check-in Have you ever had a medical appointment that required someone you know come sign you out? Uber drivers can’t do that but Onward drivers are happy to park the car and come into the facility to sign you out and get you safely into the car. Onward drivers go through specific training in sedated passenger treatment. Uber drivers have been instructed to wait at most five minutes if the passenger is not ready. Because Onward charges customers and pays drivers by the hour, Onward drivers are happy to wait for you in the waiting room and escort you to the car when you’re appointment is over.

Concierge Service

With an Uber or Lyft, you never know who you will get as a driver. At Onward, we strive to get to know your preferences so we can customize your rides to make them perfect. Our operations team will get to know how you like to be picked up, for example, and if you want us to call you or come to your door. And if you love your driver, you can set them as a favorite, and we’ll do our best to have them service all your rides. Our drivers often build strong relationships with our customers, which is a shared benefit that both customers and drivers really enjoy.

Additionally, you can't easily use Uber without the app. Many older adults don't have smart phones. At Onward, you can simply call us, and we'll schedule your ride or delivery.

We hope we’ve shed a little light on the difference between traditional rideshare and the Onward experience. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to book a ride call us at 1 (800) 700-4797 or email us at info@onwardrides.com.