Onward or GoGoGrandparent?

Onward or GoGoGrandparent?

November 15, 2019|Clyde Jefferson

We frequently get asked the question, “Is Onward part of GoGoGrandparent?” or “How is Onward different from GoGoGrandparent?” to which we always respond that we’re separate companies. However, even with that being the case, we have a similar focus.

First, what is GoGoGrandparent? GoGoGrandparent is a company that provides a phone service on top of Uber and Lyft. If you want to order a Lyft or Uber but don’t have a smartphone, you can use GoGo as a way to order a ride over the phone. They charge a fee (27 cents a minute) on top of the price of an Uber or Lyft.

How are the two services similar? Both Onward and GoGoGrandparent are focused on helping older adults get transportation. Both have many seniors as customers and take steps to understand the rider's condition so they can relay it to the driver.

How is the Onward service different from GoGrandparent? Onward is a service dedicated to helping those who need extra assistance. Because of that focus, we’ve curated our own network of drivers. These drivers are interviewed, vetted and verified to be kind and compassionate individuals who are willing and eager to get out the car and assist the rider throughout their trip. Each has CRP and First Aid certification. While there are many good Uber/Lyft drivers, there are also drivers for that service that prefer not to get out of the car or provide extra assistance during a ride.

Because Onward drivers love to get out of the car and help, they are able to pick up riders from surgery or other medical appointments. They will park the car and come up to retrieve a patient from the office or facility.

Onward charges different than Uber/Lyft and GoGoGrandparent. Those services charge by mileage with GoGoGrandparent charging a service fee for the phone service on top of it. Onward knows that extra assistance is needed for each ride and that this assistance occurs outside the car, so Onward charges are by the hour.

Because Onward trips are by the hour, this allows for the trip to contain multiple stops or be a roundtrip ride where the rider is picked up, taken to an appointment where the driver waits and then returns the rider to their home when finished. This is not possible with Uber/Lyft nor GoGoGrandparent.

To sum up, the differences are:

- Onward GoGoGrandparent
Drivers Our own drivers that are vetted for this specific work. Each has CPR and First Aid certification Uber/Lyft Driver
Cost By the hour Uber/Lyft ride + fee
Help to/from door Onward drivers love getting out of the car to help The driver is an Uber driver so they may or may not get out of the car
Roundtrip Multiple stops and roundtrip rides are possible Only one-way
Post-Surgery Pick-up Driver will come up to office or facility Not possible nor allowed by Uber/Lyft