Facilities love the Onward Concierge Team

Facilities love the Onward Concierge Team

Published On: October 6, 2020|Nader Akhnoukh

Onward partners with many facilities to provide assisted transportation to their members or clients. The partners span the gamut from assisted living facilities to medical centers. There are numerous benefits to working with an assisted transportation provider over traditional ride share services, but the one that our facility partners keep telling us they value the most is the Onward Concierge Service.

Unlike other services, Onward has a team of caring, knowledgeable concierges, ready to answer any of your questions, update your ride times, give you status updates, or just take your feedback directly.


Onward partners with a number of DaVita facilities, and the care managers will reach out to the Onward Concierge Team to give specifics on the passenger. Do they have cognitive issues the driver should know about? What should we do if they don’t want to go to their dialysis appointment? Are they allowed to stop for lunch on the way to the appointment? These details that the concierge will pass on to the driver ensure the passenger has the safest, most comfortable and most personalized ride possible.

Ease of Changes

Another facility in the Bay Area helping people adjust to dementia has partnered with Onward to deliver meals to their customers. The Onward Concierge Team has gotten to know the specific needs of each of the patients, their weekly schedules and needs. So when a change comes up, the facility can simply let the concierge know without having to explain the whole complex situation.

A Pleasure to Work With

A fiduciary who uses Onward for multiple of her clients recently left a review of Onward on Google which sums up the value of the Onward Concierge experience:

"The operations coordinators are professional, a pleasure to work with and very proactive about communication. With Onward, my clients are not only getting to/from doctor appointments safely, but they're also able to keep doing the things that bring them joy."

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits the Onward Concierge experience could bring to your facility’s transportation needs, well give us a call at (800) 700-4797 and talk to a concierge yourself!