Meet Our Newest Drivers

Meet Our Newest Drivers

Published On: May 18, 2020|Updated On: May 21, 2020|Sarah Pontier Ackerman

We take pride in our amazing drivers.

Onward Drivers are world class, and we love celebrating their impact. When a new driver signs up, it means another capable, caring and eager driver is hitting the road. Throughout our rigorous vetting and training process, including an extensive background check, we ensure every driver aligns to our mission and has experience helping those who need extra assistance. We take pride in our drivers — and our hiring process!

Take a look at the drivers we’ve added this April. You might even recognize a few of your favorite drivers! We’ll keep you updated each month with the new faces and stories of our drivers who are eager to meet and assist you.

Bay Area Drivers

Kira L

Kira L Kira has a joy for learning from all walks of life and gains meaning through doing service work. She has enjoyed the fruits of travel by having immigrant parents who taught her to appreciate the richness of different cultural groups. In her studies of Special Education, she practiced teaching to different levels of learning and could witness how education can open doors and is very important for everyone.

Lorelie R

Lorelie R Lorelie originally grew up in San Francisco but she's lived in the peninsula area for the past 15 years. She's worked in the finance and retail industry as well as been a driver in the medical industry. In her spare time, she loves to walk the parks and stroll around her neighborhood. Her hobbies include cooking and reading books, and currently she's reading “Tipping Point”.

Sawyer C

Sawyer C Sawyer lives in Redwood City, but grew up mostly in Sacramento. He is currently working as a Merchant Marine and enjoys fishing and working out in his spare time.

Tes H

Tes H Tes moved from Eritrea to San Francisco over 20 years ago. But his love of travel doesn't stop there! He's traveled all over the world and his favorite places have been Greece and Italy. He has a long history of working with older adults and hopes Onward can drive him when he's older. When he isn't traveling or helping others he's probably enjoying the outdoors on a hike, biking or playing soccer.