Onward Launches in Los Angeles

Onward Launches in Los Angeles

Published On: August 19, 2020|Jeana Hollis

Over the past year, Onward has had the pleasure of assisting riders in the Bay Area to their appointments and engagements. Due to the incredibly positive feedback we’ve received in the Bay Area and our drive to further our mission of providing compassionate assistance, we have decided to launch our service nationwide.

Onward in Los Angeles

Beginning in September, we will be expanding south to Los Angeles -- starting first with the San Gabriel Valley. With dozens of medical facilities and senior centers in the neighborhood, we felt that the SGV was a place where we could make a difference assisting older adults and patients who need a little extra help when taking a ride.

Onward Drivers

As we do in the Bay Area, our amazing Onward drivers in Los Angeles have been trained in helping customers with:

Mobility difficulties:
  • Uses a wheelchair or walker
  • Carries supplies or equipment (e.g., oxygen tank)
  • Is sedated after surgery
Cognitive impairment:
  • Suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • Have some level of cognitive impairment
Sensory issues:
  • Have blindness or notable vision loss
  • Are hard of hearing

Additionally, all of our drivers must be certified in CPR and First Aid, go through rigorous background checks, and are specifically vetted for their level of compassion and reliability. They’re eager to help ensure passengers get to their destination safely.

Onward at Hospitals

Many hospitals and medical facilities have been recommending Onward to patients because our drivers can go inside facilities to pick up patients after their appointment and can even sign them out if they don’t have friends or family to help. For staff, this helps to alleviate:

  • Having to leave the office to take patients outside for their ride
  • Looking for the rideshare car at the curb
  • Re-scheduling another ride if the rideshare car never arrived or left after the allotted 5-minute waiting period

Onward Safety

Onward’s top priority is safety, and safety has never been more important than during the spread of coronavirus. Onward drivers follow specific guidelines around coronavirus to keep both riders and themselves healthy, including wiping down their cars before and after each ride, wearing masks, and using hand sanitizer. They even have masks and hand sanitizer available for riders.

Also, as it becomes safer to socialize, we look forward to driving riders to the many sights in the San Gabriel Valley area. From the beautiful art and gardens at the Huntington Library to the amazing, world renowned Asian restaurants, Onward wants to be part of helping people get out and enjoy this amazing neighborhood.

Onward for Errands

In addition to getting our riders safely to their destinations, Onward also specializes in helping with errands when our customers can’t leave their home. Onward offers help with tasks like delivering groceries and prescriptions. More than 40% of shoppers say they go to multiple stores to get all the items they want, and with Onward you can get a multiple-stop delivery. Even during quarantine, you’ll still be able to get exactly what you need from the stores you like most -- all within a single delivery order. Simply let the driver know what items you need from each store, and they’ll drop them off at your house with contactless delivery, making sure you stay safe inside.

Onward knows that people’s comfort levels with technology varies, so we offer our customers 3 different ways to schedule rides and deliveries. For the tech savvy, we have an Onward app on both Apple and Android. You can also book through our website, but for those who prefer to call, we also have the Onward Concierge that can take your order over the phone!

While the San Gabriel Valley will be our first neighborhood in LA, Onward will be assisting the entire Los Angeles community very shortly. Please contact us to let us know how we can help you!