How to have a great trip - even during a pandemic

How to have a great trip - even during a pandemic

Published On: July 31, 2020|Updated On: August 3, 2020|Jeana Hollis

As we wade through this coronavirus pandemic, we all have aspect of our "new normal" that scare us. While we have all been encouraged to stay home and minimize contact with others, there are times when that isn’t possible and it’s necessary to leave your home. For example, we have many customers who have life-saving medical procedures that they need to go to.

As some are faced with no choice but to leave the security of their homes to receive treatment, Onward has some tips on how to have a great, safe trip — even during a worldwide pandemic. At Onward, our mission is to offer compassionate assistance, and there has never been a more important time to have compassion.

Staying safe during your ride

We recently wrote an article on what Onward is doing to keep both riders and drivers safe from coronavirus. We describe the efforts that our drivers are taking to make sure that they and their vehicles are clean and ready to go for your ride. From disinfecting their cars to offering masks and hand sanitizer to passengers, our drivers once again are going above and beyond to make sure our riders stay safe with every interaction.

Additionally, we offered some suggestions to our riders for further ensuring their safety and comfort during their ride.

  • Sit in the back seat: While we know that many of you have established strong bonds with your drivers and often like to sit in the front seat, we ask that during this time of distancing, you sit in the back seat to ensure as much distance between you and the driver as possible.
  • Wear a mask: We require that you wear a mask for the trip when you have a ride to keep both you and our drivers healthy.
  • Open windows: To promote air circulation in the vehicle, it is recommended that you keep your window open during the ride if possible.
  • Report illness: If you are feeling sick, develop a fever, or have a cough, please cancel and reschedule your trip. We also ask that you alert us if you develop a sickness after you’ve had a trip so we can alert your driver.

Making your ride more enjoyable

As mentioned earlier, everyone has experienced the effects of the coronavirus pandemic differently. The fears and worries that each of us faces vary not only by types of concerns, but also by the level of concern. As you schedule your ride, you can feel assured that our drivers truly care about your health and safety, but not only that, they want you to have an enjoyable trip. Here are things you can do to help them know how to make you feel most comfortable:

  • Before the trip: Prior to the trip, share your needs and preferences with the Onward Concierge. They work hard to ensure the driver is prepared to provide you with the best service.
  • Special assistance: Let the driver know if you’ll need any special assistance getting in and out of the car and to your destination. Our drivers are trained on breaking down and stowing wheelchairs and walkers, but they can also offer you an arm assist if you’d like.
  • Open windows: Due to Covid safety, our drivers have been asked to keep the windows down in the car to increase ventilation, but let them know if you’d like the air conditioning on if it's too hot or the heat on if you’re getting too chilly.
  • Prefererences: Let the driver know if there is anything that could make you feel more comfortable or have more fun during the ride, like the kind of music you’d like to listen to and your preferred volume.
  • Amount of engagement: Medical appointments can be very stressful and taxing. If you’d prefer to have a quiet ride home with limited talking, feel free to let them know.
  • Request your favorite driver: Some of our riders and drivers have formed a special connection with each other over the years, so you can request your favorite driver for a ride. Not only can you have a driver who has learned how best to make you comfortable, it also limits your social exposure.

While we know it can be difficult to navigate this unprecedented time, we hope that we can make it a bit easier with our service and assistance, and we look forward to hearing any feedback you have on how we can continue to improve.