Drivers Make The Difference

Drivers Make The Difference

November 11, 2019|Sarah Pontier Ackerman

Getting somewhere isn't always easy.

Getting somewhere safely, in the company of someone you enjoy, while getting the assistance you need and deserve... can often feel impossible.

Whether you're being driven by a family member or friend, using a Rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, or seeking a personalized assisted driving experience like Onward Rides, the difference in your experience is the driver; the person who helps get you where you need to go - with the right level of attention, assistance and companionship.

When evaluating the right type of driver for your transportation needs, there are a few key things to think about to ensure you're making the right choice for yourself.

First, availability.

You want to make sure you're able to get to where you need to go, when you want to get there, and not on someone else's schedule. Getting to the grocery store, your doctor's appointments, and more doesn't always fit in the schedule of your loved ones.

Having an alternative option to family and friends allows you to independently schedule your day and activities so you don't have to coordinate around someone else's availability.

Rideshare services or assisted transportation services, like Onward Rides, allow you to schedule your driver on your time - when you need them - so you don't have to inconvenience a loved one or bend to their schedule. Rideshare services offer the advantage of being on demand but you're not garaunteed a ride if you order it ahead of time. These companies wait to reserve a driver until the time of your trip and there's no garauntee a driver will be available. This is unlike assisted transportation services which allow you to schedule ahead of time while also offering a variety of trip options - like, one way or roundtrip rides.

Second, quality of driver.

Knowing the driver personally is an ideal way to ensure your driver is of high quality. If they're your loved one, then you know they are great! But when that isn't an option, there are several other ways you can ensure your driver is of the highest quality.

When interacting with transportation companies make sure you're verifying that your driver has all neccessary trainings. These trainings include things like CPR certifications, FirstAid certifications, wheelchair and walker breakdown/assistance, and memory loss or other imparement trainings.

You'll also want to ensure that drivers are personally vetted. In today's gig economy, it can be easy for anyone to sign up to drive but not just anyone is the right driver for you. Make sure their background has been checked, a person has personally interviewed them, and their experience includes some aspect of caring and assisting for others.

Third, your comfort.

When driving yourself, comfort is usually top of mind. It's your car with a perfectly adjusted seat, at just the right temperature, with your favorite music on the radio. But when driving with someone else, how do you ensure the comfort you desire is preserved?

We recommend getting to know the expectations asked of the driver by the transportation company. For example, at Onward Rides, our drivers are expected to get out of the car to meet you at your door, wait for you while you complete an appointment, and ensure your comfort in the car is everything you want. Our drivers have been known to create playlists with a rider's favorite music or even bringing cat treats when they know Fluffy is headed to the vet.

Is assisted transportation right for you?

Regardless of which transportation option serves your needs best, the goal should always be ensuring you're well taken care of and able to safely reach your destination.

If assisted transportation sounds like something that best suits your needs, let us know! Onward Rides allows you to book through our website, mobile apps or over the phone. We'd love to learn more about where you're headed and how we might be of assistance.

If extra assistance isn't something you need, or your budget is tight, it may make sense to use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft. These options offer inexpensive transportation with lots of flexbility and on-demand needs.