Driver Spotlight: Prichya

Driver Spotlight: Prichya

Published On: July 30, 2020|Updated On: August 10, 2020|Mike P. Lewis

Onward’s mission is compassionate assistance, and we rely on our fantastic driver pool to breathe life into that mission.

One of our longest tenured drivers, Prichya, is arguably one of our best as she has more 5-star reviews than any other driver on our platform. This reflects her big heart and desire to go above and beyond for her passengers.

We recently sat down with Prichya to learn more about how she’s able to consistently exceed expectations. This article is curated from a longer interview.

Why do you drive with Onward?

I worked for the federal government in Canada and I retired. The last couple of years I’ve been taking care of my elderly parents. When I moved to San Francisco, I knew I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do volunteer work and came across Onward. I wanted to give back but I also wanted to give what I would like to see my own parents go through.

What do you like most about driving with Onward?

For me the joy, the benefit of, or the sense of accomplishment that comes with my relationships with seniors.

My own mother is in her late 80s, and things have changed for her, so she’s not the same as she was when I was younger. I’ve seen how seniors want to feel comfortable with a person and that they are often in vulnerable situations. It can be very gratifying to help them. I would like someone to treat my parents the way I’m treating these riders.

I do a couple rides a week, and for me it’s not about turning over rides and making gobs of money. It’s about establishing relationships and feeling like I am making a difference.

These rides are not quick drop offs. Each is unique and special in their own way because you develop a relationship with the rider. For all my rides (before COVID), they always came and got in the front seat with me like a friend would.

I really admire some of the older riders I have. They have great stories to share.

I’ve had some rides where the passenger is extremely grateful for the service Onward provides. I felt that I really filled a void. It was something that was somewhat simple for us, but for them, you just changed their day and made a difference.

What is a bad experience you've had driving?

I once picked up a rider in San Francisco who needed to go from the city to Oakland. It took us close to an hour just to get to the Bay Bridge. Then, even in Oakland there was traffic. So I was sitting in grid lock for hours with someone who just had a procedure.

The bad rides are never due to a rider or a person, but it’s the traffic that can be brutal.

Advice for future drivers?

I find that the best drivers are those who are doing it for something other than the monetary value of the drive. A person that just wants to make money would drive for Uber and churn out 10 rides a day. But with Onward, a drive could take a couple hours. There can’t be a need by the driver to go chase the next dollar. There needs to be some goodwill, and that will translate into great service.

The seniors we drive really need to feel like someone cares, and Onward drivers truly do.

Prichya is just one of Onward's terrific pool of drivers. If you're interested in becoming a driver, click here. If you would like to try out Onward and experience how great our drivers are, you can call us at 1 (800) 700-4797, email us or create an online account.