Our Mission
The team at Onward is driven by our mission to provide compassionate assistance for those who need it.
Our work is dedicated to the generations that have come before us, in our families and yours.

Meet the Onward Team

Mike Lewis

Co-founder & CEO

Mill Valley, CA

My mother-in-law, Linda, is my wife's best friend. They've been there for each other through thick and thin. When she came down with Alzheimer's 5 years ago, it was devastating for my wife and to our family. Caring for a person with Alzheimers, I experienced and could see how families need both emotional and professional support to help care for each other. It was this single event that prompted me to focus on building a company that provides compassionate assistance for all those who need it.... Show more

Nader Akhnoukh

Co-founder & CTO

Boulder, CO

As my maternal grandmother entered her last years of life with her children spread around the globe, our family struggled to give her the care she deserved. Finding caregivers we could trust, from far away, was challenging. Each kid took a turn flying in and doing the bathing, cooking, driving while leaving their own families behind. My parents are thankfully still mobile and healthy, but as I've started to think ahead to how I can best support them as they age, I'm confronted with the same challenge. Instead of history repeating itself, I'm determined to try and make their experience a little bit better!... Show more

Sarah Pontier

VP of Driver Experience

Chicago, IL

So much of my life has been defined and influenced by the older adults in my family; I spent my childhood surrounded by a close-knit community of grandparents, great aunts and great uncles. In fact, it was my gaggle of great aunts who created the bedrock of my confidence by relentlessly reinforcing that bossy little girls are best suited to become leaders. I love Onward, and our mission, because the older adults in my life have spent so much of their time investing in me that I love getting the chance to reinvest it right back!... Show more

Jeana Hollis

Director of Marketing

Pittsburgh, PA

My passion for helping seniors was born after hearing about the inspiring work by Meals on Wheels - SF. While volunteering with them as a grocery shopper and friendly visitor, I built amazing friendships with seniors. When I moved to Seattle, my son and I visited with two seniors weekly at a cafe. Not only did we share many laughs, but we also had wonderful conversations about movies, politics, and science. I joined Onward because seniors are such a vibrant part of our community and deserve the best care.... Show more

Michael M. Lewis, MD, MBA

Onward Advisor

Hanover, NH

Michael M. Lewis, M.D., M.B.A. has more than thirty years of significant experience in medicine, healthcare business and education. He's been an advisor with Onward since 2020 and is not related to the CEO. He was Professor of Medical Education at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College and served as Senior Lecturer at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He was the Endowed Professor and Chairman of Orthopedics as well as Chief of Staff at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. He has served as the Executive Vice President and Board Member of Active Implants Corporation, an innovative Orthopedic implant company and also was the Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President (Clinical and Business Development) of Priority Healthcare Corporation (NASDAQ: PHCC). In addition, he invented a medical device that helped eliminate the need for amputation in some children with bone cancer.... Show more
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